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Bienvenidos to Cooking Easy Meals! Explore the richness of Colombian cuisine with a modern twist.

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Embark on a flavorful journey rooted in the heart of Barranquilla, Colombia, where I, ignited the passion for Cooking Easy Meals in 2015. Growing up surrounded by the savory aromas of hearty breakfasts, unique lunches, and light dinners, my family’s kitchen was a hub of culinary creativity. My mom, an exceptional cook, passed down her love for food, sparking a lifelong journey of crafting delectable recipes.

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How to make Baked Salmon with Citrus Juice

The allure of a perfectly baked salmon, with its flaky texture and rich flavor, is undeniable. When paired with the bright, zesty notes of citrus, it transforms into a dish that’s both invigorating and comforting. This combination inspired me to create a recipe for Baked Salmon with Citrus Juice, a meal that captures the essence of…

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How to Cook Rice on the Stove

How to make perfect White Rice

The quest for the perfect white rice is a journey that many embark on, yet few master. It’s a staple so common and yet so nuanced that achieving that ideal fluffy, tender texture can feel like a culinary triumph. My pursuit of this seemingly simple dish is driven by a deep appreciation for its understated elegance…

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How to Serve Turkey Meatballs Meatloaf Style?

The kitchen is a place of transformation, where ingredients come together to tell a story, and the narrative I longed to share was one of comfort reimagined. Turkey meatballs, meatloaf style, emerged from this desire—a fusion of two classic comforts into one harmonious dish. The idea was to capture the essence of a traditional meatloaf, with…

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The Best Shrimp Tacos - Skinnytaste

How To Prepare Shrimp Tacos With Garlic And Cilantro – Step By Step

Shrimp tacos: the very phrase conjures a lively symphony of flavors that dance upon the palate, a delightful concoction marrying the essence of the sea with the vibrant zest of Mexican cuisine. There’s something intrinsically joyful about the combination of tender, succulent shrimp nestled within the warm embrace of a soft tortilla, all accented by the…

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Shrimp Fried Rice Recipe

How to cook Shrimp Fried Rice Diana Style – Step by step

The kitchen has always been a canvas for culinary creativity, and there’s something undeniably thrilling about putting a personal spin on a classic dish. Shrimp fried rice Diana Style , a beloved staple with its savory flavors and satisfying textures, becomes a playground for innovation when I introduce my own ‘Diana Style’ twist. This recipe is…

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Homemade Chicken Stock Recipe - Savory Simple

Step By Step – How to Cook Chicken Stock?

The kitchen, often the heart of a home, has a way of coming alive with the simmering of a pot on the stove, especially when it’s filled with the makings of chicken stock. This golden elixir is the foundation of countless recipes, a building block of flavor that can elevate even the simplest dish to new…

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